Here at ATTA we believe in developing relationships, getting to know each other and creating deep connections for the best ongoing outcomes.

Offering branding solutions for new brands providing unique visual identities, which allows your brand to stand out amongst the rest. Implementing illustration skills with the love of vector elements and building your brand from the ground up, also taking existing brands and giving them a fresh new look. It's important to create brand awareness and consistency and that’s where MandaATTA is great for ongoing work regarding marketing material. Using creative thinking to convey your message in a way that really connects with your target audience and creates a natural flow throughout all aspects of your visual designs.


Our Key Values


Here at MandaATTA we like to define the creativity in your business. Be sure to stand out, be remembered, and have long-lasting visuals that you are proud of.


Making sure customers walk away feeling uplifted in their brand, priding ourself on being honest and direct through our design process, which makes a easy work flow.


We understand that not everyone has the same needs – that’s why we provide a range of package to suit everyone. If theres something you don’t see be sure to let us know.


MandaATTA has a lot to offer – if you can dream it, we can create it. Our studio is also open for collaborations. We love working together to define creativity.


Get to know Manda.

ATTAdesign was created in 2014 for an exhibition in Raglan, Aotearoa - New Zealand. After I put my heart and soul into my sculptures, with a year of preparation for the exhibition. I carried on "ATTA" a pali word meaning "soul", into my graphic design business in Australia. I am currently living in our bus around Mullumbimby. I love finding new destinations and exploring nature, when I'm not designing and creating textiles you will find me bear foot in the bush, chasing hidden waterfalls with my best mate Louie. Red heeler Louie is 100% deaf.

Another passion of mine is cooking, I LOVE creating my own recipes and have the concept of chucking it all in - secretly in a past life I think I was a chief, because it all come so naturally to me. Personal growth and awareness of self is something that I hold very close to my heart. 

“After working in the corporate game for 6 years, I felt I had a lot more creativity to offer, I wasn’t able to express myself enough, explore enough and have enough creative freedom in my work. I took ATTA full time and have NEVER looked back.”

– Manda