The Desire Manifesto – by Katrina Hahling

“The Desire Manifesto” book cover design & artistic photo manipulation.
Your desires are the seeds of your potential. The creation of this book started was to embody me into the words Kat created in her endeavour to change and have an effect on the minds of the reader. Using Kats imagery and combining artistic photo manipulation – using the idea of expanding into something beautiful starting with the mind and flowing out into each aspect of your life. The work. The relationships. The ideal body. The connection. The creativity. The freedom. The success. The money. The car. Every time you pursue a soul-led desire for something more or something different, you water the seeds of your potential. You change, learn, grow and expand. This is what life is all about. This book teaches you to be the creator of your own life. To manifest your desires and facilitate your own becoming using emotional intelligence.