Peony Publishing


Graphic Design, Book Cover Design, Illustration, Branding, Social Media Design, Logo Design


Peony Publishing is an indie publishing company helping creative entrepreneurs bloom personally, professionally, and financially through writing, publishing, and sharing their stories. When you write your story you expand on a personal level. Seeing what’s happened in your life written down in words is a life-changing experience that helps you process, heal and grow. The identity of the brand forms an always active symbol of “blossoming professionally and financially..” which has been generated through the unique Peony and Door symbol. The Peony represents “essence represents gratitude, magnetism, expansion” and the Door represents stepping through into a wider audience and creating your life the way you envision. The book illustration design and meaning – “DEEP DOUBT DEEP WISDOM” The Panther represents feminine power – change – grace and beauty, and also represents a new beginning. He is looking at the girl being lifted by a hand holding string from the top of the page, the string represents your path to fulfillment and your dreams, and the hand showing support and having people around you guiding and helping you with healthier scenes of self.